Coffee On The Go

When deciding what my first food post will be after such a drought period, it has to be my elixir of life EVERY MORNING. Not because of the caffeine to keep me awake, it is the taste, the comfort and the aroma of it – like the warmest hug. Mind you, I have had my fair share of not-so-great coffee and there are days when a favourite spot can slip up.

Here are my top picks in Melbourne. All picks have direct links to the business


These are the smaller, independent businesses, which unless you are from that area, you may not have heard of them.

  1. Lily Loves George Cafe, BLACKBURN

Stumbled on this by chance en-route to work. There were so many tradies stopping past and I had to sniff it out to satisfy my curiosity. At $3.50 for a medium, and $4.20 for a large GOOD coffee, it is a win! The cafe is hidden at an odd driving bend, near Blackburn Station.

There are also toasties, and also, their caramel slices are beautiful.

2. Zane Coffee, GLENFERRIE

Literally a hole-in-the-way spot at Glenferrie Station! Anyone who boards trains would have passed by or know of it. At $3.30 per cuppa, how can you say no on a sleepy morning?

Bonus: Across from Zane, is also another pop-up coffee joint along Don Arcade but I could not remember its name. Serves up another amazing coffee!

3. Auburn Road, HAWTHORN

Alright, there are two really good coffee spots opposite each other on Auburn Road; Sonny Ray and also Porgie & Mr. Jones

Since dine-in brunches are not available, both has turned to take away meals and regardless, still has good take-away coffees. Both are very popular locally, prepare to wait a little but it is worthwhile, promise.


The newest kid on the block, I can only imagine what is it like to start-up in this pandemic environment. Nonetheless, the coffee is top quality and the barista certainly has skill!


These popular kids need no further introduction. No matter the tide, their coffee is always superb and proudly Melbourne. Not to mention, their coffee beans are known to travel boarders so check them out!

  1. Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters, CARLTON

My go to when working nearby. Certainly cost more, but it is so good and since became my treat or when I feel the day would need the right start.


Nothing screams Melbourne hippiness like St. Ali. But even more so, it is driven by passion. Cannot go wrong with a take-away from them. Again, may cost more but (damn) fine coffee.

3. Market Lane Coffee, MELBOURNE CBD

Unlike the others, which do have brunches and actual meals, Market Lane has been honing in on their product. Why need anything else when you focus on your specialty? Be warned though, these guys know their value and certainly cost above average. But heck, nobody is going out anyway during lockdown, a good cuppa goes a long way.


Face it, Melbourne is known for their flawless coffee culture and home to some real coffee snobs *ahem*ahem*. Here is a list of more well-known establishments, and I truly hope everyone is doing alright in their own little way! Melbourne, we got this !

Grinders’ Coffee Roasters

Proud Mary Coffee

Axil Coffee Roasters

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