Hello Again 2020

Unbelievable, it is now September 2020 and I have been inactive since February! Where has the time gone? Even WordPress layout has changed in the interim – it is crazy how fast the year is going! Funniest part is having to remember what my login details were. lol?

Certainly an unforgettable year. I changed roles twice – the first one was meant to be short term only, but another hard door came knocking. A workaholic at heart, who is constantly in denial about it, naturally I stayed back at work more than I should have been. You can argue it is COVID19 season, and there is no need to travel to into offices. AHA! I am a healthcare worker, and deemed an essential worker. Have I tried convincing my bosses to let me work from home – yes! But answer was still straight out “NO”. Not that I mind, and you can honestly see how the public reacts to all the restrictions in place; very fascinating results indeed.

My three travel plans to travel back to Asia, then a friend’s wedding and then, a South American adventure has to be turfed. But this is nothing compared to what the community is going through with unemployment and business having to scrape for their livelihood. Ultimately, this hit home the hardest, and the people who has poured in their whole life to set up small business are suffering. That is why, my next coming posts will be to promote these hustles. As the state slowly re-opens, I will feature more Melbourne specific places. Stay tuned!

Not sure how’s iso coming along, but let’s say, I cannot bake to save myself nor knit, nor do digital art well 🙂

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